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Academy of Technology LogoIBM Technical Consultant, Emerging Technology
IBM Research Laboratory, UK



Tim Donovan is an Innovation Specialist, software engineer and architect within IBM's Emerging Technology team, part of IBM Research. His focus is on helping customers develop and implement unique solutions to solve their business problems. Working along side client parts of IBM, he assists their customers in via engagements including rapid prof of concepts, consultancy, hackathons, and long term projects.

During his 28 years within IBM he has built up expertise within the Healthcare and life sciences arena, performing many projects within this industry space.

He is currently working on a long-term project with the IBM Watson Delivery team, helping Versus Arthritis implement AVA a Cognitive Virtual Assistant to help suffers manage their pain.

My research interests are in the area of machine learning applied to natural language processing, along with how these technologies can be applied within healthcare.