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Researcher, Accelerator Architectures and Machine Learning
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Allison earned her MSc by Research in Informatics from the University of Bradford in 2007.  Her Masters' research explored methods of generalizing artificial neural networks for video games. The main focus of her dissertation centered on using back-propagating neural networks trained through incremental learning to reduce the number of generations taken to match a minimax search player's success on very complicated terrains.

Allison started working in mobile application development in 2008.  She has worked on numerous published iOS titles including: Banagrams, Vail's EpicMix, MapMyFitness, BopIt!: Smash, Star Command, iTriage and Wink, with a total of around 100 Million downloads.

Allison started at IBM in 2015 on the IBM + Sesame Workshop partnership developing the next generation of learning for young children. In early 2018 Allison transitioned to a role with IBM's Accelerator Architectures and Machine Learning, working on machine learning algorithms as they pertain to hardware.

Allison also currently works on an AI Challenge called Ariadne, a static analysis tool for developers using python and tensorflow to write machine learning code. More Information available: