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Senior Container Cloud Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA




Ali Kanso, PhD

Senior Cloud SW Engineer

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Adjunct research professor (Western University)


Tel: +1 914 945 1274



I am a senior software engineer in cloud technologies at IBM T.J. Watson research center, NY. I develop HA (high availability) solutions for cloud-hosted applications. My main area of expertise is distributed systems including cloud management systems (such as OpenStack), and container management frameworks (such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm), as well as virtual synchrony algorithms and their implementations. My research focuses on developing HA solutions to monitor, isolate, repair and analyze the systems’ behavior under faulty and disastrous conditions. Prior to IBM, I was a senior researcher at Ericsson, where I also served at the young advisory board committee advising on Ericsson research strategy. I am also an adjunct research professor at the University of Western Ontario (WesternU).




A higher value cloud is one that satisfies our customers specific needs, whithout sacrificing any of the benefits of security, availability, agility, portability, efficiency.


 Bringing more value to the IBM cloud offering. focusing on the design and implementation of the cloud core managmengment system, and defining services to enhance the user experience.





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