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Master Inventor, Research Staff Member, ACM Distinguished Member, ACM Distinguished Speaker
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA, 10598


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE



  • Accepted at EDBT
    • "Research Directions in Blockchain Data Management and Analytics"
  • Accepted at IEEE ICDE
    • "Efficient and Scalable Integrity Verification of Data and Query Results for Graph Databases"
  • Named as Research Master Inventor (for second time) for Class of 2018 (Nov '17) (First named as Master Inventor in Nov'14).
  • Named as ACM Distinguished Member (Nov '17)
  • Accepted at IEEE TKDE (Nov '17)
    • “Efficient and Scalable Integrity Verification of Data and Query Results for Graph Databases”
  • Named as ACM Distinguished Speaker (April '17)
  • Accepted at IEEE Cloud'17
    • "Risk-Based Packet Routing for Privacy and Compliance-Preserving SDN"
    • "Compliance-Aware Provisioning of Containers on Cloud"
  • Press coverage on the patent granted (Mar '17):


Ashish Kundu is a Master Inventor, and  Research Scientist in  Security Research at the IBM T J Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York. Dr. Kundu is  an ACM Distinguished Speaker, and a IEEE Senior Member. Dr. Kundu leads the Research efforts for Security and Compliance for IBM Watson Health.

Dr. Kundu received Ph.D. from Computer Science at Purdue University in 2010 and then he joined T J Watson. He has been affiliated with CERIAS.

Research & Technical Interests: Dr. Kundu's research interests are  in Security, Regulatory Compliance, Ethics and Privacy: "How to deliver holistic end-to-end security and compliance by weaving the fabrics of security, compliance and privacy with data, users and system together in an intelligent and cognitive manner". The domains he is particularly interested are cloud, mobile/IoT, and regulatory computing environments. He is also spending some of his cycles on AI ethics and testing the line that separates science and philosophy that drives ethics in terms of "security and trust" in intelligent machines.

Publications and Patents:

  • 100+ patents filed/filed, 50+ granted.
  • 25+ publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

Some of his primary contributions to the scientific community are the development of  leakage-free redactable signatures, discovery of security issues in programming languages, such as buffer overflows due to vulnerabilities in the “placement new” expression in C++, development of several cloud security and compliance techniques. During his research work, Ashish has established the areas of "privacy-preserving digital signatures, and data integrity techniques".


GCC released a patch based on the  paper on Placement new vulnerabilities in C++ [Kundu & Bertino, IEEE ICDCS'11].

Ashish's research work has directly and indirectly influenced several products and services. He is the security and compliance research lead for IBM Watson Health Cloud Platform. He has been the research lead for security and compliance for IBM Watson Genomics, and IBM Cognitive Learning for Education Cloud Platform. His prior work has also gone into IBM Hybrid Cloud offerings as well as to IBM Everyplace Access toolkit.


Awards & Honors:

  • ACM Distinguished Speaker, April 2017.
  • Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International, 2016
  • Star Alumnus, NIT Rourkela (Alumni Association), 2015
  • IBM Master Inventor, IBM Research, 2014 [Purdue story]
  • CERIAS Diamond Award, Purdue University,  2011
  • Top Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Computer Science, Purdue University,  2011
  • Best research poster (second), Annual CERIAS Symposium,  2008
  • Best research poster (second), Annual CERIAS Symposium,  2007
  • Best Student Paper, IEEE Enterprise Computing Conference,  2006
  • Best research poster (third), Annual CERIAS Symposium,  2006
  • Bravo award, IBM Research,  2003
  • Honors in Bachelor of Engineering, NIT Rourkela, 1998
  • National Merit Scholarship of India, 1991 - 1998


"The final reward for any researcher is to see his or her lifetime of work extend beyond academia and laboratories, into the mainstream of our global society where it can breathe hope into the world. " -- Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Banquet Speech, 2010.