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Research Staff Member - Machine Learning and Accelerator Architectures
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I received my bachelors' degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, India, in 2004, and MS and PhD degrees from Harvard University in 2006 and 2010 respectively. In fall 2005, I was a co-op intern at Intel Massachusetts, at Hudson, MA. In the summers of 2008 and 2009, I interned at IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, where I designed equalizers for high speed (20 Gb/s) electrical links.

Since 2010, I have been at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, initially designing circuits for high speed serial I/O (phase rotators, equalizers, clock and data recovery circuits), and now designing accelerators for machine learning applications. I focus on the design and optimization of arithmetic logic (FPUs), numerical precision requirements for ML workloads, compression techniques for distributed computing, as well as micro-architectures for ML accelerators.

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