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Academy of Technology LogoSTSM, Research Manager - Watson Knowledge Graph
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Anshu leads a team of researchers and engineers working on the Watson Knowledge Graph. The team is working on the programming model for representation of the knowledge stored in and accessed by various Watson components, and create the core technology for storing and retrieving billions of relationships and entity annotations, with various cognitive operations implemented as primitive capabilities on this store. The technology forms the backend of the Watson Discovery Advisor and is being applied in several use cases related to intelligence, drug discovery, and cancer research amongst others.

In previous roles, Anshu worked at the NextGen Service Delivery Research Team at the India Research Lab and the Worldwide Research Strategy Group at the Watson Research Center, where he led the creation of Global Technology Outlook 2013, laying out the technical strategy for IBM Research.

His core areas of work at IBM have been in the area of Knowledge Discovery from Text and Service Design Tooling. He led major research efforts in the area of service quality and building consumable analytics tools for the IBM Global Service Delivery teams for which he has received 3 Research Accomplishment Awards, and an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award. He is the author of several US Patent Applications in areas of service delivery, analytics, and user interaction, and peer reviewed papers in technical journals. He served as the Technical Architect of the European Union Funded Research Project 'Cockpit' for collaborative co-creation of public services.

In his past life, Anshu worked in Enterprise Tools Development at SAP Labs for 3 years. He graduated from IIIT-Bangalore with a Masters Degree in Information Technology, where he also acted as a visiting lecturer for the software engineering department from 2006 to 2011. He has been the recipient of several key National Awards for his academic achievements, including the GE Foundation Post Graduate Scholarship for Leadership and Academic Excellence, the Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies, and the National Talent Search Exam Scholarship for High School and Undergraduate Studies