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Cloud: Services/API Ecosystems Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Cloud research at Watson: Currently leading a strategic initiative to enable IBM and our clients into the “API Economy”. Program scope includes IBM Research (API Fabric), Software Middleware/Solutions (enhanced PaaS/IaaS, APIs to industry solutions and SaaS offerings), Business Services (enterprise API strategy, externalization, monetization) and IT Services (transformation to hosted, API-centered service delivery).

Senior Manager and Technical Lead for API Fabric Innovation at the Watson, China and India Research Labs. Working on innovative models for rapid API consumption and service creation, a rich ecosystem of enterprise-scale REST APIs coupled with usage/performance/QoS analytics, enhanced API management, and seamless assists from a cloud based runtime. 

Always looking to add great skills to the team. Do reach out if you know people who have worked on research problems relating to building and scaling next-generation enterprise services (cloud) systems, especially in one or more of the following areas: large scale distributed (API-centric) applications, high availability and reliability, virtualization, programming models, performance optimization, security of cloud services, distributed storage. Typically PhD recipients and/or very deep industry technical experience.

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