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Distinguished Engineer, Information Security Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Arjun Natarajan is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in Security Research at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center leading a research team to simplify and automate governance of sensitive data across trusted and untrusted domains.

More data, better AI.

But with data coming from a number of sources (internal, customers, public, partners), how do you ensure compliant use of data? That your AI is not using data it’s not supposed to? Or unintentionally using biased data or disclosing sensitive information? Can you tell who is accessing personal data, how frequently, and, why? On a real-time basis? What is your data risk at any given time? And how quickly can you assess the data sets and data subjects impacted by a privacy breach?​

With increasing regulatory oversight and evolving corporate agreements and policies, old static approaches to managing sensitive data simply do not scale.​

IBM Research is building solutions for dynamic, compliant use of data for AI in the cloud.

Arjun previously led an IBM Research strategic initiative to enable IBM and clients into the “API Economy”. He has also driven many technical initiatives in mission-critical distributed computing as Senior Software Engineer at Intel, Director of Transaction Processing at Transarc/IBM, and, founder/CEO of a web middleware startup.

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