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Director, Smarter Commerce and Supply Chain, Distinguished Engineer,
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Arun Hampapur is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Director in the Industries Research Team at IBM Watson Research since June 2012. He leads Research into the development of Solutions for Smarter Commerce & Supply Chain across world wide research labs. These solutions touch multiple aspects of commerce operations from Marketing, to e-Commerce, to Supply Chain, to B2B Integration and solutions for customer service. These solutions heavily leverage big data analytics, predictive analytics, data mining and optimization technologies and deliver value in specific industry contexts. From 2009 – Jun 2012, Arun had the role of DE and Director in the Business Analytics and Math Sciences Department of IBM Research. In this role Arun led the creation of analytic solutions targeted at multiple industries in support of operations optimization, asset optimization, condition based management, cross agency coordination, safety and security. Prior to this assignment Arun was on assignment to IBM Global Technology Services from 2008 -2009 as the CTO of Physical Security, where he provided technical direction for development of physical security solutions and services with a focus on smart video surveillance systems. The video analytics and core technology for smart surveillance was originally developed in IBM Research from 2001 to 2006 under Arun’s leadership. Dr Hampapur managed the Exploratory Computer Vision Group at IBM Research from 2003- 2006 and provided direction for several research activities including Biometrics, Video Analytics, Retail Checkout Analytics and video indexing. He has published more than 80 papers on various topics related to asset optimization, video analysis, pattern recognition, searchable video and video surveillance and holds 20 US patents and more than 70 patent applications. Dr Hampapur is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, an IBM Master Inventor. Dr Hampapur obtained his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1995. He is a Fellow of the IEEE (class of 2011). .