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Distinguished Data Scientist and Master Inventor, ACM Distinguished Scientist and Speaker, IEEE Senior Member


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Professional Associations:  AAAI Senior Member  |  ACM Distinguished Scientist  |  IEEE, Senior Member


I am presently a Distinguished Data Scientist and Master Inventor at IBM's Chief Analytics Office. I have over two decades of research experience in Artificial Intelligence, Services Computing and Sustainability, mostly at IBM Research, as well as background in commercial, deadline-oriented, software development in both India and US. I am recognized as an IBM Master Inventor (Nov 2014 & Nov 2011, each for 3-year term) internally and as an ACM Distinguished Scientist (Dec 2014),  ACM Distinguished Speaker*(September 2013-2019), AAAI Senior Member (Feb 2020), IEEE Senior Member (December 2018) and ACM Senior Member (August 2012) externally. My Google researcher profile and LinkedIn profile round up the basics.

My current thinking on technical work is captured in a research statement (Sep 2019). Essentially, my research deals with enabling people to make rational decisions despite real world complexities of poor data, changing goals and limited resources by augmenting their cognitive limitations with technology. My expertise is in Artificial Intelligence, Services and Sustainability. The work has lead to many science firsts and high-impact commercial innovations ($B+), 140+ papers and 45+ US patents issued, and awards for demos and hacks. I have received major recognitions from IBM and external community, interacted with commercial customers as well as universities and governments, represented company at standard bodies, and assisted business leaders at highest levels with technical issues. Apart from IP creation, I have lead patent committees made up of technical and legal members to build patent portfolios for a decade.

My current focus is on promoting goal-oriented, ethical, human-machine collaboration using learning and reasoning. I have applied them along with sensor and open data in domains like water, traffic, space (AAAI 2018 best demo award), room (ICAPS 2018 best demo runner-up) and health.

My research background is in:

By technology

  • AI (Analytics) – Learning, Reasoning, Representation, Ethics, Constraints, Scheduling
    • Machine Learning – deep learning, adversarial attacks, bias, classification, clustering, recommendation; ML Tools: Tensorflow/ Tensorboard, Keras, scikit-learn, Weka
    • Reasoning – planning, scheduling, parameter tuning, preferences, satisfiability
    • Representation – ontology modeling, evolution, extraction from text, semantic web services
  • Data - Semantic Web, Open and Big Data, Data Mining, Information Extraction
  • Services – Web Computing Models, Asset Reuse, Service Delivery Optimization, Business Processes

By industrySmart City (including Water, Transportation, Governance), Airlines, Telecommunication, Health

In addition, see more details about my resume, papers, patents, talks and tools, technical blogs, client interactions, professional activities, opinions, research ideas for community and videos.

Personal note: I am involved in a privately funded non-governmental organization doing public service in India detailed here.

* ACM DSP program: If you want to have me give a talk on one of the following topics - AI, open data, traffic, water, research, ACM will pay for my airfare to do so. See:


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