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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA




I am an Advisory Scientist/Engineer responsible for all aspects of device nanofabrication within the Parkin group at IBM Almaden. This includes nanofabrication process development; magnetic materials deposition and sample characterization. I am also responsible for the design, development and introduction of new equipment, structures and processes needed to support this work. In addition, I am responsible for aspects of the development and maintenance of UHV deposition and characterization equipment set used within the Parkin group Almaden Labs.

I have in the recent past been responsible for research into new materials for magnetic stacks including MRAM, Spin-momentum transfer devices and Racetrack memory. Also worked on the selection of new materials, deposition processes and testing/characterization of multi-layer stacks. I remain part of the Almaden based MRAM team responsible for development and optimization of MTJ stacks.

Within the Parkin group I am the expert on nanofabrication techniques for production of deep sub-micron test structures for all Almaden Parkin group projects. I also have extensive experience in CAD layout software, test structure design, fabrication process development, process optimization and testing/characterization.

I also share responsibility for the operation and maintenance of high vacuum deposition systems. I am experienced in the use and maintenance of high-vacuum deposition systems utilizing PVD magnetron sputtering, ion beam deposition, ion beam etch and e-beam deposition.