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Academy of Technology LogoScientific Director, AI Horizons Network
Head of Computer Science, IBM Research - Distinguished Research Staff Member



I am Brent Hailpern, Scientific Director of the AI Horizons Network, Head of Computer Science for IBM Research, and Distinguished Research Staff Member, located at IBM Research | Almaden in San Jose, CA. I am a Fellow of the ACM and the IEEE.  I am also a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

I have worked at IBM since 1980, with most of that time at IBM Research. My personal research interests are in programming languages / software engineering for cognitive systems. I have managed projects and departments in programming languages, software engineering and environments, operating systems, multimedia systems, Internet and pervasive technologies, workflow, email, HCI, and K-12 education. I have also worked in IBM corporate headquarters and as a software product manager. Until 2011, I was the Director of Programming Models and Tools at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, in Hawthorne, New York.  From 2012-2014 I was Director of Computer Science and then Director of Cognitive Solutions and Foundations, IBM Research | Almaden.

I am currently a member of the NSF CISE Advisory Committee, the CRA Board of Directors, and the HOPL-IV Program Committee. 

I was the co-Chair of ACM SIGPLAN's History of Programming Languages Conference (HOPL-III) and co-chair of the 2014 CRA Snowbird Conference.  I was an Associate Editor for ACM's Transaction on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS). I am a past Chair of ACM SIGPLAN, a past Conference Chair and Steering Committee Chair of the OOPSLA conference, a past Conference Chair of ACM SIGPLAN's PLDI conference, a past Secretary of the ACM, and a past member of the ACM History Committee.