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Cloud Monitoring, Operational and Security Analytics
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I am a research staff member at IBM TJ Watson Research center in the Cloud Research Division, where we work on various aspects cloud, analytics, security and operational visibility.

I am originally from Izmir, Turkey. I did my undergraduate study in Bilkent University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Afterwards I attended University of Westminster, London, UK, as a recipient of the British Council Millennium Scholarship, where I received an MSc with Distinction in VLSI System Design. I received my PhD an MA from the Electrical Engineering Department - Computer Engineering area at Princeton University, focusing on adaptive and power-efficient systems. Before joining IBM Research, I was a Senior Member of Technical Staff in the R&D Performance group at VMware working primarily on DRS & DPM performance and scalability.

I have a personal webpage and a blog. Besides work, I love playing, watching and talking soccer; I do a bit of swimming, watch documentaries, and listen to bunch of audio/podio books

I am @canturkisci on twitter.