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Academy of Technology LogoSTSM, Senior Researcher - Member IBM AoT
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Pawan Chowdhary is a Senior Researcher at IBM Almaden Research located at San Jose, California. Pawan joined IBM US Research in 2004 and helped develop visual modeling tool to automate data warehouse generation as part of the larger Model Driven Business Transformation project that later became commercial offering. Pawan’s major interest is in solving complex problems backed by analytics. He led several projects such as IBM Pricing Analytics tool (IPAT), Procurement Analytics and next generation of supply chain management solution (SCSM) to name a few that leveraged analytics to solve real business problems.

Currently he is working to transform the business travel that impact both employee and sourcing side by developing a solution call IBM Travel Manager. In addition, Pawan has keen interest on sensors and IoT, and its usage in improving the social aspect with projects around Eldercare and Aritificial Nose. Over the years, Pawan has published several papers and patents and has received several awards inside and outside of IBM.