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Research scientist - IBM Watson Health
T J Watson Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA


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David Millen is the Senior Design Research Manager at Watson Health in Cambridge, MA. His group provides design research for new products in healthcare segments that include Oncology, Life Sciences, Care Management, and Government social programs.

Prior to joining Watson Health, David was on assignment with the IBM Research Lab in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he investigated large-scale social interaction and new business opportunities for microfinance in low-income communities in Brazil.

As manager of the IBM Research Social Computing group, his team designed and built novel social software, and explored the social, business, and technological implications of these new tools through large-scale field studies of use. Important projects included the Dogear Social Bookmarking System and Beehive Social Networking Service, which were both pioneering examples of social software designed for enterprise settings.

David has completed empirical studies of incentive and reward systems in social applications, and examined novel approaches to social recommenders and social search. He has studied how social applications accelerate the awareness of cultural differences and how we can design systems to better support intercultural collaboration. He has worked on Smarter Cities projects in the US and Singapore exploring how to use social computing systems to increase citizen engagement.

Prior to joining IBM, David worked at AT&T Research and Bell Laboratories, where he explored how new technologies changed employee work activities, organizational roles, and patterns of communication. He also directed a User Interface Design Group, which was responsible for the user interface design of advanced business communications systems as well as conducting exploratory prototype development of advanced speech applications and pen-based interfaces.

David has been an adjunct faculty member at Rutgers University (NJ) and at Tufts University (MA), where he recently taught a class on The Social Web. David holds a BA from Columbia University, an MS in Management from Purdue University and a PhD. in Cognitive Science/Psychology from Rutgers University. In 2011, David was recognized by ACM as a Distinguished Scientist for his work in the area of social computing.