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Research Staff Member - AI
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



My team at IBM Research focuses on new algorithms to facilitate customization and generalization of AI systems. My personal motivation is strongest for problems that require inference from latent information in a complex system, which has led me to pursue problems in diverse fields, from systems biology to personality and social psychology. Today, I remain principally interested in how information is encoded and transmitted through complex systems. I believe understanding and modeling these processes is central to achieving greater performance and impact with AI systems such as conversational agents, recommender systems, and information retrieval systems.

I am very fortuante to have worked in the labs of academic pioneers in psychology, biology, and machine learning. I am also proud to have worked at world class, publically funded institutions such as UT Austin, UC Berkeley, and EMBL Heidelberg. The perspectives, philosophies, and the scales at which these scientists and institutions work have profoundly influenced my goals as a scientist and group leader at IBM Research.

I am happy to talk to most anyone about most anything.