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IBM Fellow and Master Inventor, Member of IBM Academy of Technology and IBM Industry Academy, Recipient of IBM's Highest Honor, the Gerstner Award for Client Excellence
IBM Global Business Services


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE


Global leader for Research and Innovation in Financial Services with deep expertise in Industry Analytics covering Mortgage Origination & Servicing, Customer Relationship Management and Media and Entertainment, Cloud Computing, Messaging Middleware, and Digital Media, with projects and client engagements spanning multiple industries.

20+ years of R&D experience in Computer Science: Industry Analytics (Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Cutomer Relationship Management), Multimedia Systems, Data Mining, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Stream Processing, and Cloud Computing.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, with the Distinguished Academic Achievement Award.


Computational Media Aesthetics


100+ publications in books, archival journals and international conferences. List available from Google Scholar.,33


Co-inventor of 35+ patents, receiving recognition with special patent awards for their significance and value. One of the patents recognized as being in the ten percent of the top rated patents at IBM in 2008. Another received the High-Value Patent Award in 2009.