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research staff member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE


I work at the IBM T.J.Watson Research Center, with research interests in the areas of service management, text analytics, resource management, operating systems, distributed systems, and real-time systems. 

I like to design, build, analyze, and learn. I am mostly excited when my work is addressing critical pain-points for my business partners, and I can make a difference going beyond the low-hanging fruit. 

My current work is in the area of Service Analytics, with the high-level goal of enhancing productivity, quality, and competitivity in IT Service Delivery. Topics include content integration and knowledge management for improving efficiency of problem determination and resolution, model-based problem determination, analysis of automation opportunities within a large-scale service delivery organization, concept extraction from free-text activity descriptors for driving automation, defect prevention, and risk management.

In past work, I addressed problems related to performance enhancements for Web servers and Web caching infrastructures, and to resource orchestration in large-scale distributed enviroments based on policy-specifications of SLAs and business values.

Prior to joining IBM Research, I worked towards a PhD. degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. I earned the PhD. degree in 1999 with a dissertation in the area of adaptive real-time systems. I hold also a MS. in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology (1995) and a MS. in Theoretical Computer Science from the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Bucharest, Romania (1987).