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Head of Science to Solutions, IBM Research - Almaden
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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More information:  Stanford Materials Science and Engineering Department


Pioneer and strategist with 15 years of success in a Silicon Valley R&D center, achieving business impact by combining executive leadership acumen with world-class scientific knowledge.

World class expert in Materials Science, continuing to push the boundary of innovation from fundamental research (author of 55 peer reviewed publications) to applied research (39 US Patents issued). Initiated 2 paradigm shifts in the development and integration of porous low dielectric constant materials for interconnects in advanced semiconductor technology nodes.

Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, invited speakers at >40 international conferences, and President of the International Sol-Gel Society from 2011 to 2013

More recently, I've been exposed to the power of big data and I truly believe that it will not only foster scientific innovation but also challenge established dogma in diverse scientific fields. This new era will only emerge if domain experts (Materials Science, Chemistry, Biology, Genomics, Computer Science...) collaborate with software engineers, data scientists, machine learning experts...
This is the new challenge that I've decided to lead by creating the Data Driven Science to Solutions division, a newly formed organization of 50+ cross-disciplinary scientists, with the mission to redefine Science through big data and AI to create cognitive solutions for microbes and molecules. As such, it will allow our partners to easily collect and analyze complex domain specific scientific data while accelerating their scientific discovery.