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Area Head, Mathematical Optimization and Algorithms
T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA


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I did my undergraduate and M.S. in Istanbul at Bogazici University, Dept. of IE. I received my Ph.D. in New York from Columbia University, Dept. of IEOR.
After Columbia, I spent a year at CORE (Belgium) and two years at Cornell University, School of ORIE as a visiting scientist. Before joining the Math Sciences Department at IBM in 2000, I was working at AT&T Labs.

Research Interests:

Mixed-integer programming, combinatorial optimization, multicommodity flows.
Modeling, optimization and computation, especially applied to logistics, routing, workforce scheduling and network design.


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Applied Projects:

Production planning, limousine fleet scheduling, container port optimization, vehicle routing and fleet scheduling with time-windows, classroom scheduling, oil pipeline batch sequencing and flow rate optimization, site selection in agriculture.


Associate Editor, Networks (2004-2015), Math. Programming Computation (2008-2016 ), Operations Research (2011- ).
Area Editor, Optimization and Engineering (2016- )
Editorial Board, MOS/SIAM Book Series on Optimization (2008-2014)
Steering Committee, IPCO (2016- )
Chair of Organizing Committee, IPCO 2011.
Vice Chair for Integer Programming, INFORMS Optimization Society (2009-2011)
Panel member and reviewer for the U.S, Canadian, Israeli and Swiss National Science Foundations.