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Program Director, Translational Systems Biology and Nanobiotechnology
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Gustavo Stolovitzky received his M.Sc. in Physics (with honors) from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1987) and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University (1994). After a post-doctoral position in the Center for Studies in Physics and Biology at The Rockefeller University, he joined IBM Research in 1998, where he is a Distinguished Research Staff Member in the IBM Computational Biology Center, an IBM Master Inventor and the Director of the IBM Translational Systems Biology and Nanobiotechnology Program. He holds an Adjunct Professor position at Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University and an Adjunct Professor position at the Department of Genetics and Genomics Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 

Gustavo has co-authored more than 140 scientific publications (on dynamical systems, fluid mechanics, statistical physics, probability theory, biophysics, computational biology, cancer biology and nanobiotechnolgoy) and is a co-inventor of more than 50 issued patents. He has edited two books and six special issues in different scientific journals. His work has been highlighted in The New York Times, The Economist, Technology Review, Scientific American (where his DNA transistor project was chosen as one of the 10 world changing ideas of 2010) and Nature Methods among other media.

Gustavo has been elected fellow of the NY Academy of Sciences, fellow of the American Physical Society, fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and fellow of the World Technology Network. He received the HEENAC Pioneer Award to Great Minds in STEM, awarded by the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference (2013), the World Technology Award in the Category "Biotechnology", awarded by the World Technology Network (2013), and the Henry Prentiss Becton Prize, awarded by the Faculty of Engineering at Yale University for Excellence in Engineering and Applied Science (1995).

In 2006 Gustavo founded the DREAM Challenges, an effort that has deeply influenced the field of computational systems biology through the organization of open science Challenges. The DREAM Challenges, which now count with well over fifteen thousand participants, have resulted in seminal contributions to multiple areas of computational biology including network inference, cancer genomics, treatment and disease outcome prediction algorithms, to name a few. Gustavo was amongst the first to champion the wisdom-of-crowds in systems biology, the recognition that the aggregation of different solutions to a Challenge is often better than the best. Gustavo is also a co-founder and co-chair of the RECOMB/ISCB Systems and Regulatory Genomics with DREAM Challenges conference series, which has nucleated more than 2,500 attendees over the past nine years.

Besides his work on the DREAM Challenges, Gustavo's recent scientific interests are in the field of high-throughput biological-data analysis, network inference, the mathematical modeling of biological processes, mechanisms of drug synergy in cancer therapeutics and nanobiotechnology.