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Senior Research Scientist, IBM Quantum
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Dr. Hanhee Paik is a Senior Research Scientist at IBM Quantum.

Her research career has been focused on understanding the coherence mechanisms of superconducting qubits and developing superconducting multi-qubit architectures. Dr. Paik pioneered the novel design of a superconducting qubit that helped the industry push the quality of quantum computing performance, greatly impacting the quantum computing community.

Today’s IBM Quantum systems’ coherence times benefit from Dr. Paik’s work. She played a pivotal role developing IBM Quantum’s 16-qubit processors. Over the last few years, she has turned her focus to IBM Quantum’s efforts to develop the global quantum ecosystem.

Dr. Paik was elected an American Physical Society Fellow in 2021 for pioneering a novel superconducting qubit architecture that catalyzed the commercialization of superconducting quantum computing, and contributing to the advancement quantum computing research in the industry.