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Senior Software Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Mission statement:

The Advanced Computing Technology Center (ACTC), part of IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York, conducts research on the performance behavior of scientific and technical computing applications. Its role in IBM is to provide strategic technical direction for the research and development of server platforms to advance the state of the art in high performance computing offerings and solutions for IBM's clients in computationally intensive industries, including automotive, aerospace, petroleum, meteorology and life science.

We currently provide the following toolkits:

IBM High Performance Computing Toolkit (HPCT): The IBM HPC Toolkit offers a centered framework for application performance tuning. It comprises of three features: an unique source code and binary instrumentation feature, a versatile user-interface that brings all the sophisticated capabilities of binary instrumentation to the user at a high level of abstraction, and the functionality to collect different dimensions of performance data. The results of execution are all in terms of source level names and at no point does the scientist need to worry about low-level details of instrumentation.

IBM High Productivity Computing System Toolkit (HPCST): The IBM HPCS Toolkit is our new toolkit that tries to further simplify the complexity of performance tuning and apply automatic, intelligent, and predictive technologies to mitigate the burden on today’s scientists and programmers. Its goal is to encode the problems that were previously identified and solved by a user and can detect and solve previously identified and solved problems in other applications. Another important feature of the HPCS Toolkit is that it provides an extensible framework that allows people in the HPC community to plug in their own tools and the identified problems from their experience. This will expand the capability of the toolkit to detect performance bottlenecks in high performance computing applications.