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Advisory Software Engineer - Machine Learning & Distributed System
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



Jingwei is an Advisory Software Engineer at IBM Research. He firmly believes meaningful AI solutions should come from proper engagement, collaboration & engineering. He was ranked as 1% percentage Kaggle competition expert. He also has a good hands-on experience of engineering distributed system solutions. He is passionate about building practical AI solutions, which incorporates Simplicity, Scalability and Generality.



Jingwei has a diverse education background in Finance, Management Science & Computer Science. He has received a bachelor degree in Finance and a bachelor degree in Management Information System from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law(2007 - 2011). He also has received a master degree in Management Science & Engineering from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, while working as a research assistant in computer-aided auditing(2011 - 2014). Then he pursued another master degree in Computer Science(2014- 2015) from Columbia University, after realizing his strong intertest in architecting & coding software solutions.


Major Awards

National Inspirational Scholarship, Sept. 2009
National Second Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM), topic: “Hospital’s acceptance rate optimization”, Oct. 2009
National Third Prize in China Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CGMCM), topic: “ Gene prediction among DNA series”, Oct. 2012
National Graduate Scholarship, Oct. 2013
Kaggle Competition: Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction (Solo, Silver medal – Top 2%, 64/3611 ), Feb. 2019
Kaggle Competition: Microsoft Malware Prediction (Solo, Silver medal – Top 3%, 67/2426 ), Mar. 2019