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Research Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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I am a Research Engineer in the HealthCare Analytics Research Group . Previously, I was a Quantitative Researcher in the Buckler Lab @ Cornell University, where I worked on the problems in bioinformatics and genomics. 

My research interests are in mathematics, machine learning, data visualization, Human Computer Interaction and computational sciences (physics, biology).

I was born and raised in Northern India. I hold a Masters in Theoretical Physics from University of Cambridge in the UK, where I studied string theory and black holes in higher dimensions. I dropped out from mathematics PhD program (after 3 years) at Kansas State University. At K-State, I studied Donaldson-Thomas Invariants and their wall crossing phenomenon.

I have held research positions at Indian Statistical Institute - DelhiTata Institute of Fundamental Research - Mumbai, and at JN Center for Advanced Scientific Research - Bangalore