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Research Scientist
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Joined at the T.J. Watson Research Center in 1984. Working on microelectronic interconnection technologies and packaging materials, recently on Pb-free soldering and conductive adhesive technologies. IEEE Fellow awarded in 2009. TMS Fellow award in 2012.


Biography of  Dr. Kang, Sung-Kwon 


   Ph. D., 1973, University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA), Materials Science and Metallurgy

   B. S.,   1969,   Seoul National University, Engineering College, Metallurgical Engineering


Professional Experiences

  1984- Pr,  IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY,  Senior Research Scientist.

  1980-'84,  INCO Research & Development Center, Sterling Forest, NY,  Senior Scientist.

  1980-'84,  Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ,  Materials Science,  Adjunct Professor.

  1977-'80,  Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ,  Materials Science,  Assistant Professor.

  1976-'77,  Nova Scotia Technical University, Halifax, Canada,  Research Faculty.

  1973-'76,  Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA,  Post-doctoral Research Fellow.


Professional Activities

  2012, 03,   TMS Annual Meeting, Pb-free Solders Symposium, Co-organizer, Orlando, FL.

  2011, 03,   TMS Annual Meeting, Pb-free Solders Symposium, Co-organizer, San Diego, CA.

  2010 -‘13,  Appointed as the Editorial Oversight Committee, J. of Electronic Materials, TMS

  2010, 12,   Guest Editor, J. Electronic Materials, special issue on 2010 Pb-free Solders.

  2009, 03,   Guest Editor, J. Electronic Materials, special issue on 2009 Pb-free Solders.

  2009, 02,   Principal Organizer, Pb-free Solders Symposium, 2009 TMS Annual Meeting, SF, CA.

  2006.08,    Conference Chair, The US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology &

                    Entrepreneurship (UKC 2006, Dr. Yung-Bog Chae, Co-Chair), Teaneck, NJ  (KSEA).

  2006-’08,  Board of Directors, KUSCO (Korea-US Science Cooperation Center), Vienna, VA.

  2002-'05,  Chair, Electronic Packaging & Interconnection Materials Committee, The Metals,

                   Minerals and Materials Society (TMS)

  2002-’13,  Division Council member, TMS Electronic, Magnetic, and Photonic Materials Division.

  1998-'06,  Guest Editor, J, of Electronic Materials, TMS.

  2001-’02,  Guest Editor, J. of Metals, Minerals and Matreials (JOM), TMS.

  2000-’03,  Technical advisor,  J. of Metals, Minerals and Matreials (JOM), TMS.

  2001-’05,  Int’l Advisory Comm Member, Center of Elec Pack’g Materials, KAIST, Korea

  1998, 09,   Co-organizer, 3rd Int. Conf on Joining & Coating Tech in Electronics, Binghamton, NY.

  1997-'00,  President, Korean-American Materials Society (KAMS)

  1993-'05,  Program Committee member on Interconnections, ECTC, IEEE/CPMT             

  1992-'93,  Co-editor, The Metals Science of Joining, TMS/AIME.

  1989-'91, Chair,Microelectronics Interconnection Committee, American Society for Metals (ASM).

  1988-2008, Symposium Principal Organizer & Co-Chair on Microelectronic Packaging

                   Materials, TMS/AIME, (20 Symposiums organized).


KSEA (Korean-American Scientists & Engineers Association) Activities

 1972-’73,   Founding member in Philadelphia Chapter

 1974-’76,   Founding member of West Penn Chapter (Pittsburgh)

 1977- Pr,   New York Metro Chapter member

 1981- '82, President, New York Metro Chapter

 1983- 2016, Councilor, New York Metro Chapter (for 30 years).

 1990- '93, KSEA HQ, Scholarship Committee Member,

 1994- '95, KSEA HQ Special Project Evaluation Committee Chair,

 1995- '98, KSEA HQ Election Committee Member & Chair ('96).

 1996,         Advisor, KSEA Northeast Regional Conference (NRC)

 1997,         Symposium Organizer, KSEA 8th NRC, Materials Science & Tech Symposium

 1997- ‘00, Councilor, KSEA HQ (Group I-Materials Science/Metallurgy/Mining).

 1999- ‘00, Vice President (28th), KSEA HQ.

 1999,       Symposium Organizer, The US-Korea Materials Symposium, KSEA UKC1999.

 2000,       Program Co-Chair, KSEA US-Korea Conf on Science & Technology (UKC2000)

 1998,       Chair, Fundraising Comm, NY Metro Chapter Math/Science Olympiad (KMSO).

 1994-‘04, Chair, Parents Program Comm, NY Metro Chapter Math/Science Olympiad (KMSO).

 2005-’06, President-elect, KSEA HQ, Vienna, VA.

 2006-’07, KSEA 35th President, Chair of Council and Executive Committee

 2007-’08, Advisor to 36th President, former-president Councilor, Nomination Committee Chair

 2010-‘13, Chair, Parents Program, NY Metro Chapter Math/Science Olympiad (KMSO).

 2010-’13, KSEA Honors & Awards Committee Member, Chair (2011).

 2010-’16, KSEA History Committee Member, Secretary (2011).

 2014-’17, KSEA Long-range Planning Committee Member, Chair (’16)


Honors and Awards

1983,   International Metallography Society Award (1st prize).

1989,   IBM Research External Honors Award, IBM Outstanding Quality Team Award.

1990,   IBM Outstanding Quality Team Award.

1991,   IBM Research R&D Award.

1995,   "The Scientist of the Year" Award, KSEA NY Metro Chapter.

1996,   IBM Research External Honors Award.

1996,   Best Paper Award, Electronic Comp. Tech. Conf, IEEE/CPMT.

2001,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 11th Plateau, March 2001.

2001, KSEA Northeast Regional Conference (NRC) Contribution Award.

2003,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 12th Plateau, March, 2003

2003,   IEEE elevated to Senior Member of IEEE Society, October, 2003.

2004,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 13th Plateau, April, 2004

2004,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 14th Plateau, December, 2004.

2006,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 15th Plateau, October 2006

2007,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 16th Plateau, November, 2007.

2008,   IBM Research External Recognition Award (for conference/symposium organization)

2008, TMS Distinguished Service Award from EMPMD (Electronic, Magnetic, Photonic

           Materials Division), TMS Annual Meeting, March, 2008.

2008,   IBM Invention Achievement Award, 17th Plateau, June, 2008.

2008, Best Paper Award of 2008 ICEPT-HDP Conf, (Int. Conf. on Electronic Packaging Tech -with

           High Density Packaging), co-authored with D.-Y. Shih, et al, Shanghai, China, July, 2008.


2009, IEEE Fellow designation awarded with the citation of “for contributions to Pb(lead)-free

           solders in microelectronics.”

2009, IEEE CPMT Society Award received in recognition of sustained contribution to the ECTC

         (Electronic Components &Tech Conference) for more than 10 years of Program Committee

         service, at 59th ECTC, San Diego, May 29.

2009, IBM Invention Achievement Award, 18th Plateau, August, 2009.

2011, IBM Research External Recognition Award, December, 2011.


2012, TMS Fellow Award, Class of 2012, recognized for outstanding contributions to the

         practice of metallurgy/materials science and technology, with the citation of “for

         contributions to the research & development of environmentally-conscious materials in

         microelectronics; Pb-free solders and electronically conducting materials”, March, 2012..


2012, IBM Invention Achievement Award, 19th Plateau, April, 2012.

2012, IBM Invention Achievement Award, 20th Plateau, December, 2012.


2013, 17th KBS Global Korean Award (in Science & Technology), Korean Broadcasting System,

         Seoul, South Korea, awarded on March, 5, 2013.


2013, IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, Research Division for “Alloying Effects

       on Pb-free C4 Electromigration,” May, 7, 2013.

2014; KAAGNY Community Service Award, (The Korean American Association of Greater New

           York), Jan, 13, 2014.


2015, GCF (Global Children Foundation), invited as a keynote speaker (“Joy of Learning & Sharing),

         at 2015 GCF Annual Members Day, Flushing Town Hall, Apr. 18, 2015.


2015, NJKACC (New Jersey Korean-American Chamber of Commerce) & World-OKTA, invited as

         a keynote speaker (“Principles of Successful Life”), Fort Lee, NJ, Aug. 21, 2015.


2015, Invited talk at KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology),

         “Joy of Learning & Sharing (배움과나눔의즐거움),” Daejon, Korea, Oct. 7, 2015.


2016, IBM Invention Achievement Award, 21st Plateau, May, 2016.


 Publications and Inventions

 145 technical papers published, one book edit, and four book Chapters,

 146 Inventions: 55 US Patents, 60 International Patents, and 31 IBM Patent publications.

 5,000+ Citations on publications and patents, Sept. 2016 (by Google Scholar).