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Academy of Technology LogoManager, Micro-Systems Technology & Solutions; Healthcare & Life Sciences Team
Yorktown Heights, NY, USA



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Manager, Micro-Systems Technology & Solutions
IBM Watson Research Laboratory, Yorktown Heights, New York



Dr. Knickerbocker is leading research on healthcare sensors and diagnostics in the Micro-System Technology & Solutions team at IBM Research – Yorktown Heights, New York with the goal of improved patient quality of life using precision healthcare monitors and diagnostics.  


Research interests include targeted healthcare sensor functional data streams, early detection diagnostics solutions, data analysis and machine learning that provide healthcare monitoring and insights for personalized medicine and chronic disease management. Team expertise in micro-electronics, micro-optics, nano & micro-fluidics, and bio-chemistry combined with fabrication, integration and miniaturization technologies enable unique low cost micro-system prototypes and future volume solutions for personalized medical care.


Current research projects include: (1) development of unique miniaturized micro-systems sensors to monitor healthcare and activities of daily living, (2) advancements in low cost, disposable micro-fluidic diagnostic chips and readers for routine bio-marker testing and early chronic disease detection, (3) custom miniaturized electronics, energy solutions and integrated systems for future client product applications and (4) development of medication monitoring and delivery solutions.


Dr. Knickerbocker’s research and team collaborations have supported leadership technology advancements or demonstrations toward unique healthcare sensors for applications such as Parkinson Disease, Huntington Disease, Dementia, Elder Care, Cardiovascular Disease as well as Kidney Disease and UTI detection. His research and technical consulting has impacted IBM Systems Products for over 25 years (millions units shipped) and Industry client products for over 15 years (billions units shipped). Ongoing support, collaboration and consulting to government programs, planned future IBM Products and strategic research toward future technologies and products are continuing to influence Healthcare / Personalized Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Quantum Computing for IBM, Industry and /or Government applications.


Dr. Knickerbocker received his PhD degree in 1982 from the University of Illinois studying Materials Science & Engineering and has over 35 years experience at IBM in development and research. He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, member of IBM Academy and Master Inventor. He has received 75 technical awards from IBM and Industry for his work and inventions. He has authored or co-authored over 300 patents and patent applications and has more than 85 technical papers, presentations, book chapters and publications. He has over 30 years participation with industry technical societies across IEEE, ECTC and ACerS.

Recent Publications through July 2018

Vince S. Siu, Minhua Lu, Evan Colgan and John U. Knickerbocker; Towards a flexible microfluidic test strip fore IL-8 detection, EMBC, USA, July 2018.

Katsuyuki Sakuma, Huan Hu*, Stephen W. Bedell, Xiao Hu Liu, Bucknell Webb, Jiamin Ni,

Steven Wright, Ken Latzko, Paul Lauro, Marlon Agno, James Tornello, and John Knickerbocker; CMOS-Compatible Wafer-Scale Manufacturing of a Flexible Thin Film of Spalled Silicon for Multi-Mode Wearable Sensors, IEEE Sensors Journal, Canada, July 2018.;

Qianwen Chen, Li-wen Hung, Evan Colgan, Bo Wen, Bing Dang, Russell Budd, Jae-woong Nah, John Knickerbocker; High-speed Precision Handling Technology of Micro-chip for Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) Application, IEEE - Electronic Components and Technology Conference, USA, May - June 2018.

John U. Knickerbocker, Russell Budd, Bing Dang, Qianwen Chen, Evan Colgan, Li-wen Hung, Shriya Kumar, Kang-Wook. Lee, Minhua Lu, Jae-woong Nah, Rajeev Narayanan, Katsuyuki Sakuma, Vince Siu, and Bo Wen; Heterogeneous Integration Technology Demonstrations For Future Healthcare, IoT, and AI Computing Solutions, IEEE - Electronic Components and Technology Conference, USA, May - June 2018.

Vince S. Siu, Huan Hu, Minhua Lu, Stacey M. Gifford, Pablo Meyer, Sungcheol Kim, John U. Knickerbocker and Gustavo A. Stolovitzky; Bio-inspired Silicon Nanospikes Fabricated by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching for Anti-bacterial, Wearable Systems, EMBC, Korea, July 2017