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Lead Technical Solution Specialist, Life Sciences



Alix Lacoste is a biomedical scientist with a specialty in neurobiology. Alix has always been fascinated by the question of how the brain – a physical organ – can give rise to the wealth and complexity of behaviors present in the animal kingdom. During her PhD, she studied how cells in the brain of fish respond to sensory cues in the environment, and how they communicate with each other to arrive at the decision of whether or not to escape a predatory threat. More broadly, she participated in building a comprehensive map of behavioral activity in the fish brain.

During her studies, she recognized that there is already a wealth of untapped data and hidden connections that are buried in volumes of literature that is scarcely read. So Alix joined IBM Watson Health Innovations, where she works on a solution to accelerate biomedical discoveries by machine reading of the scientific literature. She is part of a team that develops text mining, natural language processing and machine learning technologies to help scientists develop and test better hypotheses in the lab, for example to find new drug targets in Parkinson’s Disease. 


- Molecular and cellular biology

- Neuroscience

- AI in drug discovery

- Text mining and information extraction

- Natural language processing

- Data analytics

- Data visualization