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Research Staff Member
Austin Research Laboratory, Austin, TX, USA



Jinho Lee, Research Staff Member at IBM Research, Austin

I Joined IBM Research in Mar. 2016

I received my PhD in Feb. 2016 from SNU, EE

Here's my almost-up-to-date CV


My research interests are: near data processing, graph processing, human-robot interaction and network-on-chips.


Graph processing:
2017.12 "Scalable Time-Versioning Support for Property Graph Databases" has been published to IEEE BigData 2017 (IEEExplore Author's copy Slides)
2017.9. "ExtraV: Boosting Graph Processing Near Storage with a Coherent Accelerator" has been published to VLDB 2017 (ACM Author's copy Slides)
2017.9. "Analyzing In-Memory Hash Join: Granularity Matters" has been published to ADMS 2017 (Paper Slides)


Near data processing:
2017.6. "Buffered Compare" has been published to TVLSI (IEEExplore
Author's copy)

2016.3. "Buffered Compare" has been nominated as a best paper candidate for DATE 2016 (IEEExplore Author's copy Slides)

Human-robot interaction:
2018.5. "My Being to Your Place, Your Being to My Place: Co-present Robotic Avatars Create Illusion of Living Together" has been accepted to MobiSys 2018
2017.5. "SCI-FII: Speculative Conversational Interface Framework for Incremental Inference on Modularized Services" has been published to MDM 2017
(IEEEXplore Author's copy Slides)

Here are a few articles that partly describes my work on human-robot interaction:


IBM press release
and a video

2018.2. TEI-NOC was published in TCAD (IEEExplore)
My Ph.D thesis was on network-on-chips. 
Even though I am not working actively on it,
there are still some things going on.
Please refer to my CV or publication list for past work.