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RSM, Nanoscale Studies
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  American Physical Society (APS)  |  American Vacuum Society


Dr. Jonathon (“John”) Mamin has been a research staff member at IBM’s Almaden Research Center since 1987. He received his BS in physics from Stanford University, and performed his PhD and postdoctoral work in physics at UC Berkeley. He has a longstanding interest in developing novel microscopes based on scanning probe techniques. John has worked closely with Dan Rugar since the early days of atomic force microscopy, when they performed some of the first application of magnetic force microscopy (MFM) to magnetic recording materials. This work relied on a number of technical innovations they developed, including the optical-fiber interferometer, the use of thin-film tips, and high sensitivity operation in vacuum. Dr. Mamin is also co-inventor of a scheme for ultrahigh density data storage using a heated AFM tip to perform thermomechanical writing in a polymer substrate. Dr. Mamin has worked closely with Dan Rugar in implementing the concepts of Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy proposed by John Sidles, making use of many of their earlier developments in MFM. Dr. Mamin was part of the team that demonstrated force-based detection of a single electron spin and nanoMRI of a tobacco mosaic virus. He has authored over 80 scientific papers and holds 10 patents. He was awarded the Cozzarelli Prize from the Proceedings of the National Acacademy of Sciences for his 2009 paper on nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging. In 2011, he was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society and was co-recipient of the Gunther Laukien Prize for his development of magnetic resonance force microscopy.

Here is a link to the NanoMRI project page: http://www.almaden.ibm.com/st/nanoscale_st/nano_science/MRFM

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