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IBM TJ Watson Research Center


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Dr. Gschwind is the Chief Engineer for Machine Learning and Deep Learning for IBM Systems where is a Senior Technical Staff Member.  In addition, he is Chief Architect and Senior Manager for IBM System Architecture, and responsible for strategy and execution of the roadmaps for future IBM systems for both the System z and Power Systems brands and leads and manages the System Architecture teams for both brands.  Dr. Gschwind is also the Chair of the OpenPOWER Workgroup on Power Architecture and a Member of the OpenPOWER Technical Steering Committee.

At the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Dr. Gschwind previously held senior leadership positions for the architecture and design of several microprocessors with teams that delivered the most innovative high-performance systems including the Cell-based Roadrunner, Power7 PERCS and BlueGene/Q. Dr. Gschwind also held senior leadership roles for IBM's game console offerings for both the Cell microprocessor in the Sony Playststaion3 and the media processor in Microsoft Xbox360. In the course of his career at IBM, he has held positions as chief architect, lead microarchitect, hardware design lead and software lead, and is known for building and leading some of IBM's most innovative and productive teams to deliver game-changing products.

Dr. Gschwind has taught ELE475: Advanced Computer Architecture at the Electrical Engineering Department of Princeton University and was Assistant Professor at Technische Universitaet Wien in Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Gschwind is an IEEE Fellow, an IBM Master Inventor and a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology. In recognition of his visionary leadership for IBM's system, Dr. Gschwind was honored by InformationWeek as an IT Innovator and Influencer.