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Research Staff
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I’m a researcher at the TJ Watson Research Center. I work in the Cognitive Computing research group with focus on Information Discovery, Data Integration, Ontology Based Data Access, Efficient Query Answering for OBDA and Relational Databases in Ontology Reasoning. The topic of my Ph.D. dissertation was the optimisation of query answering over ontologies by query rewriting techniques over SQL engines. The result of that research is now being applied in the development of the -ontop- framework for OBDA and the EU project Optique (see Projects). I am interested in the development of efficient reasoning algorithms for “light” and “medium” weight ontology languages, in particular, RDFS, OWL 2 QL, OWL 2 EL, OWL 2 RL and SWRL, with focus on reusing existing relational technology. I am currently exploring new areas of semantic data integration, in particular dataset link discovery, ontology mining and semantic technologies and NLP.

10/2013 - Present
Researcher in Semantic Web Technologies, High performance reasoning, Logics and Databases and in general, semantic data integration.