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Architect, Watson Knowledge Graph
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Nidhi leads a group of developers and researchers working on Knowledge Graph, an IBM Watson technology quintessential to enabling Knowledge Discovery on structured and unstructured sources. The capability combines NLP, Information Extraction and Retrieval techniques to discover knowledge and gain insights from large corpus of documents.

Earlier she worked as a researcher at IBM Research on the Education Transformation project, PETALS (Personalized Eduction Through Analytics in Learning Systems), a system that makes use of predictive, prescriptive and deep content analytics to improve learning outcomes of students by predicting their performance early and prescribing personalized interventions for which she received Research Accomplishment award.

She filed a patent and several disclosures in this space. Nidhi technically led yet another project, COCKPIT (Citizens Collaboration and Co-creation in Public Service Delivery), a collaborative research project with European Union, where she led IBM's and Technical Work Package in a consortium of 11 partners from academia and industry. The project aims at mining information from citizen’s opinion on social media combining it with Service Science to enable next-generation public service delivery and decision-making. She published papers and a book chapter in this area.

She has made some extremely novel contribution in the space of Corruption Analysis, mining patterns of corruptions and applying them on public service business process to identify corruption hotspots. She has a patent and papers published in this space. She disseminated the research work in the space of public services and corruption to many Government organizations such as Passport Seva-Ministry of External Affairs India, World Bank ICT executives, National Institute of Smart Governance, India.

She started her career at SAP Labs in the Technology Development group, after pursuing her Masters in Technology in Information Technology from IIIT-Bangalore.

Current and Prior Positions

IBM Research Almaden
Engineering Manager
2/2017 - Present
As a part of this role, I am leading a team of developers and researchers working on Knowledge Graph, a part of Watson Discovery Services, that enables search and discovery of knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured sources. I have architected and designed the core capabilities of Knowledge Graph.