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Senior Software Engineer
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Niketan Pansare is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM Research Almaden, where he works on advanced information management systems that include analytics, distributed data processing platforms, hardware acceleration, as well as the application of it in mobile and cloud. At a high level, his research involves developing statistical models and building systems for analyzing large-scale and heterogenous data. Prior to joining IBM, Niketan was a PhD student at Rice University where he was advised by Dr. Chris Jermaine.  His PhD thesis is titled "Large-Scale Online Aggregation Via Distributed Systems."

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My research

A brief summary of his projects/publications are:

1. Apache SystemML provides declarative large-scale machine learning (ML) that aims at flexible specification of ML algorithms and automatic generation of hybrid runtime plans ranging from single node, in-memory computations, to distributed computations on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

2. Spoken Topic Model is a novel topic model for spoken language that incorporates a statistical model of speech-to-text software behavior .

3. The paper [Pansare et al, VLDB 2011] describes how online aggregation can be built into a MapReduce system for large-scale data processing.

4. Datapath system is a relational multi-query database system capable of providing single-query performance even for large number of parallel and possibly different queries.

When in work avatar, other than research/self-improvement, I also attempt to solve "big" problems like poverty, simplifying human knowledge and making the world little safer. Due to limited resources and need for frequent feedback/iterations/validation, I decided to approach them in bottom-up manner rather than top-down. For example: microloans across different countries, mini-lectures/tutorials (via my youtube Channel and my blog) and personal safety (see Vigilant website, milestones/vision video and my rant). Clearly, my efforts seem like only a drop in the ocean, but still it is worthwhile :)


About me

Before coming to Rice university, I got my Bachelors in Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai and my Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Florida. After my undergrad, I worked as software developer for MAQSoftware, Mumbai for 8 months and have also done summer internships with Microsoft, Seattle and IBM Research, Delhi. I am recipient of IBM PhD fellowship for the year 2013-14 and was first overall coordinator of Rice Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CS GSA). During my third year at Rice, I was President and (hence de-facto) captain of my university cricket team (RCC) and also was in the committee of Indian Student Association at Rice (ISAR).