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Device Design & Modeling Czar
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS)  |  IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society  |  IEEE, Senior Member  |  New York Academy of Science  |  Sigma Pi Sigma  |  Tau Beta Pi

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I am a long-time contributor to semiconductor technology research and development at IBM and elsewhere.  I have held management positions of semiconductor process and device modeling teams as well as been individual and team technical contributor.  I have diverse technical interests, ranging from mundane pragmatic applications of TCAD toward technology development, to modeling and understanding of atomic and electrical transport properties of new materials.  I enjoy finding solutions to technology problems using modeling tools to understand internal operation of devices.

A particularly strong passion of mine is soft error rate prediction.  I have played a part in many aspects of the soft error upset issue, modeling the single event induced electron-hole pair generation process, performing TCAD modeling of the charge collection process in bulk and SOI devices, performing circuit simulations to understand critical charge in circuits, and deterrmining soft error upset cross-section.  It is extremely satisfying to find out that predicted soft error upset susceptibility is in agreement with measurements.  The best part of this effort is working with team-mates with expertise in other areas and learning from them.