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RSM,Mgr: Social Analytics & Collaboration Technologies
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



I am a Research Staff Member and Manager and IBM T.J. Watson Researcher Center. I currently manage the Network Science and Collaboration Technologies department. My goal in research is to find interesting ways of developing and interconnecting disparate and interdisciplinary systems that clearly improves the performance of a system, individual, team or an organization.

My PhD was in the area of parallel processing and operating systems. At Watson, I took the opportunity of being in one of the best research organizations in the world to work in multiple areas including parallel job scheduling, web application servers, application programming models, Java virtual machines, web services, collaboration and social software, social network analysis and recommendation engines.

As a member of a for-profit business organization, I also work with Research management and senior leadership in IBM's divisions in identifying research areas of strategic importance. I also interact with IBM's customers in multiple industries including Banking and Insurance and with analysts via analyst briefings.