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Chief Architect and Engineering Leader
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY USA




I am a technical leader, innovator, and software engineer at IBM Research, NY, USA. As Chief Architect and Engineering Leader in Research, I am responsible for driving the technical strategy and leading development of cognitive software services for IBM clients and business units. I also contribute to development of news ideas, and publish in top-tier journals, and file patent disclosures.


  • Nominated for IBM’s highest Corporate Technical Recognition (CTR) - 2016 award for leadership in implementing Procurement Risk Analysis Tool.

  • Sustained technical leadership in developing and delivering 4 strategic projects and 11 assets, netting IBM over $61+ Million in cost savings and sales lead generation.

  • Recorded, an unprecedented, 23% more campaign booking, 44% lift in revenue and 5X improvement in customer engagement during live pilot of PPO (Personalization and Pricing Offer) cognitive tool at an APAC regional airline.

  • Generated up to 5 additional Watson/Bluemix opportunity pipeline with the APAC regional airline as a result of successful implementation of PPO.

  • Chief technologist and collaboration lead for Watson Travel Retail product, a premier T&T Watson offering, developed in collaboration with IBM Research, Bluemix Garage and Datalex Inc (IBM partner) for Travel/Airline Industry.

  • Datalex Inc and IBM collaboration new brief: www.datalex.com/news-articles/datalex-ibm-collaboration

  • Saved IBM $800 Million in potential DOJ fines, by leading implementation and operationalizing Procurement Fraud Risk Analysis and FCPA compliance tool for Corporate Compliance, Procurement, and Accounts Payable.

  • 12 patent applications, 3 journal publications, 9 conferences/workshops and numerous invited talks.

  • Awarded ‘Second Plateau - Invention Achievement’ award for creative contributions to IBM.

  • Awarded ‘Best Deployed Application’ award by Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).

  • Coordinated joint research projects, reporting directly to Director of InfoSphere SW (+1500 employees), India.

  • Contributed to development of W3C XForms 1.0 Standard, forerunner to Java Server Faces (JSF).

  • Presented at KDD 2015 (PIC Conference) at Sydney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bybLW9ITAk8

Skills & Abilities

  • Architect and develop advanced analytics based software solutions, micro services and APIs.

  • Develop data model, taxonomies and ETL for BigData, NoSQL and Relational database systems.

  • Leader with hands on experience implementing complete software solution.

  • Apply Agile software development and continuous software delivery practices.

  • Actively employ Systems Thinking and Pragmatic Programming.

  • Interface with clients and executives, define project plan/size and lead multi-functional cross-org teams.

  • Industry/Domains: T&T, Retail & CPG, Electronics, Commerce, Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain.

  • Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, Java.

  • Big Data: Apache Spark, Kafka, Hive, Hadoop HDFS, OpenStack Swift, Parquet, ORC, OpenWhisk.

  • PaaS/IaaS/Containers: Bluemix, SoftLayer, AWS, Docker.

  • Databases: DB2, MongoDB, Cloudant (DBaaS), CouchDB, SolidDB, Hive.

  • ETL: InfoSphere DataStage, InfoSphere Streams, Apache Spark.

  • Middleware/API Service: Java Liberty, NodeJS/Express, API Connect, Esri ArcGIS.

  • Web/AJAX: HTML, CSS, D3JS, JQuery, DOJO, Rest Services.

  • Analytics/ML Tools: Applied SPSS, SciKit-Learn, Spark MLib, NumPy, SciPy.


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