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Watson Research Scientist
Watson Health Headquarters, 75 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA USA



Dr. Richard Luis Martin is a research scientist in the IBM Watson for Drug Discovery product team. Richard leads the natural language processing group, which is responsible for teaching Watson the language of drug discovery, and is also the technical lead designing how Watson stores, compares, and reasons on chemical information. Richard's research interest generally concerns how techniques from computer and information science can work together, and alongside human experts, to help accelerate scientific discovery.

Richard joined IBM Watson Health in 2014, and holds a PhD in Cheminformatics (2010) and a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics (2006), both from The University of Sheffield, UK. Prior to joining IBM, Richard was a postdoctoral research fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he helped pioneer the new field of materials informatics, enabling the computational design of nanoporous materials tailored for clean energy applications including carbon capture and natural gas storage.

Richard is a faculty affiliate of Boston University, and has filed patents in cognitive computing and natural language processing.