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Inventor, Machine Learning Science Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE



Ravi works as an Inventor and Machine Learning Science Engineer at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. His day at the Lab involves development of machine learning algorithms applicable to Education(Conversational Agent), Neuroscience(Autism detection) and Virtual Reality(Games).

Ravi started his career at IBM as a Software Developer after completing his Bachelors in Computer Science from VTU, India in 2010. He has been consistently evaluated as a top performer(less than 1% of total employees at IBM) each year.  He is most famously known at IBM for innovating and developing a software product “IBM Claim Assistant” which was ranked as the #2 Most Innovative App WorldWide in 2014. It is used by 18,246 employees in 76 countries(as of December’2017). He was bestowed with Top Innovation Award from CIO office.

Ravi is an active inventor with multiple patents in the area of Machine Learning and its application to Education, Neuroscience and Virtual Reality. His most recent patent: “US 15/927,776 Adaptive Rendering of Virtual and Augmented Displays to Improve Display Quality for Users Having Difference Visual Abilities” was evaluated as one of the high valued patent at IBM. 

Ravi strongly believes in contributing his technical knowledge to Societal needs. He has represented Government of India as a Technical Assistant during the rescue operations for Earth Quake in Nepal, 2015 and Flash floods disaster in Uttrakhand, India, 2013. He helped in de-duplication of victims data, track missing people, and set a disaster management system for distribution of relief materials to the deprived people. For him, it is these moments in life that matters the most and brings in him true happiness when he can directly impact people's life, if not millions but at least one - something that makes him a better human being with all humility.