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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Scientist
IBM Research



Dr. Zhang works across machine learning and distributed systems to create innovative AI solutions at scale. He has been named on numerous expert panels for major international conferences and journals.  Dr. Zhang is an inventor behind close to 30 patent applications (more than 10 granted and many pending) and an author of at least two dozen publications (selected articles). He has been recognized as an individual with extraordinary ability

At present, Dr. Zhang is the big data team lead for a Watson AI assistant in clinical decision making. Previously, the systems work by Dr. Zhang had spanned Hadoop/Spark frameworks, distributed storage, and cloud multi tenancy. He had applied various machine learning methods to domains including cloud systems, user modeling, recommendation systems and online social networks. In these efforts, he had acted as a Principal Investigator / Technical Lead on research projects and played key roles in product efforts.

A world traveler, aspiring ballroom dancer and Slavic language enthusiast, Rui completed his PhD at charming Oxford.