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Senior Software Engineer. Monitoring, Perfomance and Reporting
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Specializing in performance, availability monitoring, quality assurance, data analysis and management, automation and reporting environments.

Extensive experience in architecting innovative solutions, leading the technical team in development and deployment of performance, availability monitoring and alerting technologies, data management and analysis, intelligent and dynamic reporting using agile development methodologies and practices.

IBM Master Inventor – 18 granted patents across 5 countries; over 25 patents filed Served on patent advising and guiding committee.

Object oriented design/analysis using use-case driven methodology. Java development, including JDBC, RMI/Corba, Swing, AWT, JavaServer Pages, Servlets, JNDI,Security, NLS. Websphere and Tomcat development. J2EE and SOA architecture. Client/Server and API development using REST, XML, SOAP, RSS and Atom, web services. Web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, some PHP and Dojo programming, web usability. Development of DB2 and UDB DB2 applications, SQL. Lotus Notes Development.