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Semiconductor Process Engineer - SIMS Laboratory
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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I am a dedicated, self-driven, high-achieving individual with a strong educational background in chemical synthesis and analysis which includes a Master of Science (MS) in Chemistry. In the future, I intend to further my knowledge and pursue a doctoral degree (PhD). I place heavy emphasis on utilizing and refining my organizational and communication skills, courtesy, and professionalism in all life aspects. I am a well-rounded individual who has diverse intellectual and extracurricular interests that expand beyond the scope of my formal education and training. I have furthermore committed extensive amounts of time volunteering in my Catholic faith community and the greater society in an effort to promote social justice for all. My present career goals include employment in a company which engages my aptitude as a chemist and challenges me to continue to cultivate my potential as a respected, upstanding member of society. Specialties: Synthetic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Crystallography, Materials Science, Energy Research, Semiconductors, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Profilometry

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