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STSM, Services Analytics
Research Triangle Park, NC


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Professional Associations:  ACM Senior Member  |  IEEE, Senior Member


Dr. Ronnie Sarkar has transferred to the department - Emerging Technologies and Innovation - in the Technoloy Support Services (TSS) division of IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) in 2020.

Until Dec. 2019, Ronnie was a Senior Technical Staff Member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. He received his Ph.d in Computer Science from the Ohio State University and spent the first 16 years in various IBM product divisions before moving to IBM Research in 2006.

His continued research interests are in the area of applying data and text analysis techinques for improving IT services, specifically IBM support. He made significant contributions to the creation of a joint research program with IBM's Technology Support Services (TSS, maintenance) division starting in 2012, led efforts in building and delivering entitlement and ticket analytics tools for TSS, and has collaborated with global research labs in the areas of productivity, sales and predictive maintenance analytics projects for IBM Technology Support Services.

In IBM Research, Dr. Sarkar also made technical contributions to IBM's first Cloud Computing offering in the area of monitoring and automated incident management, and also to a storage resiliency CEO initiative. In IBM's storage division, he contributed to the complete redesign of IBM's flagship storage management product. In software group, he started IBM's host integration efforts in the mid-90's, and prior to that contributed to the design of a general purpose protocol translation architecture - an XOPEN standard - and led the development of a suite of products based on that architecture for IBM's Networking Software Division.