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Industrial and Applied Genomics
IBM Research - Almaden, San Jose, CA, USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM


Stefan Edlund is a senior software engineer in the Industrial and Applied Genomics team at IBM Research - Almaden. Stefan has over 15 years experience in IBM research, having worked in a broad range of areas, such as DB2 query plan visualization, intelligent personal organizers, location based services, content management, email search and e-discovery and more recently public health research. Stefan is a co-leader of the open source STEM project, a platform for building and studying epidemiological models of infectious diseases (

Currently Stefan is doing research in the area of food safety and bioinformatics, where he's designing a workbench for running and analyzing outputs from (meta)genomic pipelines. The goal of the project is studying and classifying the microbiome of various raw factory ingredients, to ultimately be able to detect anomalies caused by food contamination or food fraud.  

Stefan holds an MS degree in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.