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Senior Software Engineer
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Shun Jiang is a senior software engineer at IBM Research-Almaden, where he leads team on development of various enterprise mobile/web applications and research prototypes. Currently, he is leading the project of IBM, a strategic initiative to modernize IBM's business modeling method, tool and content through expert contributions, cross-company collaboration and artificial intelligence. He also developing backend systems for IBM Traveler Central, a next-gen app for employee business travel, in collaboration with IBM Procurement, HR & CIO. Another project he is working on is IBM Travel Concierge, an engaging, personalized travel experience through natural conversation.

In addition to engineering and team leading on different projects, he is also interested in applying Blockchain technology and machine learning technology into different research prototypes.

Shun Jiang joined IBM research in 2006 as software engineer who has worked many years in projects related to Strategic Outsourcing, Pricing and Costing and also Enterprise Risk Management, etc.


Awards from IBM

  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for SDM GPE: Solution Definition Manager Gross Profit Estimator, 2015
  • Research Outstanding Accomplishment, Solution Definition Manager (SDM) Gross Profit Estimator, 2014
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for Global Service Operation and Integration, 2014
  • Upgrade to Outstanding Accomplishment, Solution Definition Manager, 2009
  • Accomplishment, Financial Transformation Workbench, 2009
  • Accomplishment, Successful Deployment of SDM Costing Tool for MBPS, 2008
  • Upgrade to Outstanding Accomplishment, Component Business Modeling and Business Architecture, 2008
  • Outstanding Innovation Award, 2008
  • Accomplishment, SDM Pricing, 2007

Patents Filed

  • POU820160865  Intermediate Blockchain System for Managing Transactions
  • ARC820080064 System and Method for Extensible Business Transformation based on Component Business Model
  • ARC820080123 System and method for Self Optimization Data Selection
  • ARC820080141 System and Method for Calculating Price Information with Locking Mechanisms
  • ARC820080142 Optimizing the organization of a filter network to accomplish the automated generation of financial reports from a data stream
  • ARC820090108 Complex Service Modeling
  • CN820080592 Method and Apparatus for Providing Inter-version Document Compatibility
  • CN820090339 System and method for optimizing investigation by analyzing hazard impact based on traceability network
  • YOR820070621 System and method for composite pricing of services to provide optimal bill schedule
  • YOR820070806 System and method for generating optimal bill payment schedule
  • YOR820070807 System and method for calculating potential maximal price and share rate
  • YOR820070808 System and method for calculating piecewise price and incentive
  • YOR820080124 System and Method for Financial Transformation using a Component Business Model
  • YOR820080204 System and method for inferring and visualizing correlations of different business aspects for business transformation
  • YOR820080205 System and method for determining temperature of business components for finding business transformation opportunities
  • YOR820080206 System and method for finding business transformation opportunities by analyzing series of heat maps by dimension
  • YOR820080207 System and method finding business transformation opportunities by using a multi-dimensional shortfall analysis of an enterprise
  • YOR820080208 System and method for platform-independent, script-based application generation for spreadsheet software
  • YOR820090435 System and method for conversion traceability through EPCIS specification extension
  • YOR820090436 System and method for inferring on food supply network using bill of material
  • YOR820090438 System and method for calculating aggregate hazard impact for food traceability network
  • ARC820080122 System and method for generating financial reports
  • ARC820080137 Adjusting for systematic bias in self-optimizing data selection
  • YOR8200904442 System and method for temporal context-based food product transition network model


Patents Published

  • CN820080434 An Automatic local Magnifying Document Editor
  • CN820090004 Method and apparatus for multi-party collaborative debugging of Java applications
  • CN820090005 System and method for staged document transmission



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