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Post Doctoral Fellow
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Sushmita Allam joined IBM Research in 2016 as a part of Brain Modeling and Neural Tissue Simulations group.

Her research interests involve multi-scale modeling of the brain, finding novel drug targets for neurodegenerative diseases using systems biology and quantitative systems pharmacology approaches. Understanding the network implications caused by underlying changes in sub-cellular pathways, due to changes in structural and functional dynamics.

Prior to that she was at IBM Sofware Labs at IBM India Bangalore, since 2013 co-leading the Healthcare Innovation Center of Competence and worked with Watson Health groups.  

Sushmita Allam completed her M.S. and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Southern California in Los Angles, in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

Her PhD disseratation was about developing a multi-scale modeling framework to identify the nonlinear dynamics of the nervous system at the molecular-synapse level to predict temporal coding at realistic neuronal network level. Designed simulations to understand the influence of ionotropic receptor placement on synaptic efficacy and the effects of astrocytic glia on neuronal information processing.