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Predictive Resource Optimization
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Physical Society  |  Optical Society of America

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Present Position

  • Research Scientist and Manager, Predictive Resource Optimization
  • IoT, Quantum Computing, Renewable Energy, Mass Spectrometry Analysis


  • Ph.D. Optical Sciences, Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, 1988
  • M. Sc. Physics, University of Arizona, (DuNuoy fellow) 1985
  • B. A. Math and Physics, with distinction in each, Carleton College 1983

Work Experience

  • 2015 - present: International Assignment at IBM Research - Australia in Melbourne
  • 2015 - present: Renewable Energy and Weather
  • 2016 - Honorary Faculty, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
  • 2016 - Melbourne Business School, Data Visualization instructor
  • 2011 to 2014: International Assignment at IBM Dublin Research Lab
  • 1988 to present: IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
  • 2008: Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • 2005 to present: Liquid-Chromatography/Mass-Spectrometry analysis for discovery of proteomic biomarkers
  • 2000 to 2005: Analysis of large scale biomolecular simulations on the Blue Gene supercomputer with Blue Matter
  • 1997 to 1999: Computational geometry for 3D CAD and network graphics
  • 1993 to 1996: Scientific visualization with Data Explorer on SMP/Distributed/PC architectures
  • 1988 to 1992: Magneto-optic studies of thin films related to storage materials and inductive heads
  • 1983: Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Optical properties of a simulated atmosphere of Saturn moon, Titan



I am mainly an applied physicist but I have worked in several domains, including Computational Biology, Renewable Energy, Internet of Things, and Quantum Computing. I am currently on assignment in Australia where I manage the Predictive Resource Optimization group, which spans topics from renewable energy to Edge/Fabric - and Quantum Computing.

Current and Prior Positions

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Research Staff Member
10/1988 - Present
Renewable energy Molecular dynamics with high performance computing High resolution weather forecasting Mass spectrometry analysis Biomarker discovery Thin film magneto-optics: Vacuum deposition and optical studies Scientific Visualization Network 3D graphics

IBM Research - Australia, Melbourne
Research scientest and manager, Predictive Resource Optimization
2/2015 - Present
I have started a three year position in IBM Research - Australia - based in Melbourne, where I manage a group of researchers in Predictive Resource Optimization. My main focus is Edge/Fabric for IoT applications but I am moving into Quantum Computing, and my group continues projects in renewable energy and weather. At the same time I continue my connection with U. Groningen in tools for biomarker discovery with mass spectrometry.