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Sushain Pandit is a technology leader and innovator with broad concept-to-market experience acquired through shipped products and advanced technology projects across data ecosystem, artificial intelligence, counter fraud and related areas. He is an inventor with over 100 patents and author with 25 articles, conference papers & books chapters. Currently, he works as STSM in IBM's AI applications division, where he is responsible for technical strategy and common architecture for building products to support decisions in environment centric verticals like agriculture & utilities -

In past, he has led engineering for Insights as a Service and Counter Fraud software, contributed to new products in the enterprise data management space, academic AI research, small/medium sized tech companies and startups. In graduate school, he designed new algorithms for information extraction using a knowledge based Artificial Intelligence approach and built an open-source system that was accessed in over 50 countries -

Sushain is an elected member of Academy of Technology, co-author of “Principled Reference Data Management for Big Data and Business Intelligence” (2017) and youngest Master Inventor in IBM’s history at the time of induction (2012) - relatively large proportion of granted patents describe ideas around products that he has been closely involved with -