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Sushain Pandit is a technologist with concept-to-market and technical leadership experience, inventor with several patents and author with cited publications in data, analytics, artificial intelligence, counter fraud and related areas. He helped build several data and analytics solutions at IBM, driving day-to-day engineering, research, customer adoption, revenue generation and patent protection. As a graduate student, he designed new algorithms for information extraction from free text and built an open-source system that was widely used. He has made over 75 original contributions in the form of granted/filed patents, peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. In 2012, he was inducted as one of the youngest Master Inventors in the history of IBM {ISU1, ISU2, Forbes}.

Currently, Sushain works in IBM’s Watson Content and IoT organization, helping build solutions to support several data, analytics and data-science use-cases. Before that, he worked on a Counter Fraud and case investigation solution, where he led day-to-day engineering for several product releases. Prior to that, he contributed to several shipped products {RDM, MDM, BPD} in the enterprise data management space, academic research {IEEE, ANEXDB, AILAB}, small/medium sized tech companies {KNG, CTSH} and startups {SEMANTXS}. Sushain is an appointed member of IBM Academy of Technology and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Iowa State University, where he worked with Dr. Vasant Honavar in the Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. He often tweets on topics related to the data ecosystem and dabbles in tennis & photography.