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Principal Research Staff Member and Technical Lead, Cognitive Software Engineering and Tools
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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I am a Research Staff Member at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center. I am the technical lead for an effort on collaborative analytics and optimization for software and systems engineering that involves IBM researchers from around the world and some colleagues from IBM's Rational Software division. My team's research spans much of the software lifecycle, from predictive portfolio management to development analytics and into support and maintenance, and multiple of our research results have transferred into IBM products.

I have a passion for big, hard, nasty research problems that has taken me into several different areas of computer science, including software engineering, databases, programming languages, interoperability, business analytics, stochastic optimization, and software economics. You'll generally find me working in the intersection of multiple areas, because that's where both the nastiest, most important problems and the best opportunities for good, novel solutions lie, but my heart is in software engineering, and that's almost always one of the intersecting areas.

In a previous life, I co-founded and co-lead the work on Multidimensional Separation of Concerns, which was honored in 2009 with the ICSE Most Influential Paper Award. I am also a past General Chair for OOPSLA 2006 and Program Chair for AOSD 2005, and I have served/am serving on the program committees for ICSE, FSE, OOPSLA, Onward, ECOOP, AOSD, GPCE, and others.