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Senior Software Engineer - Analytics and Blockchain Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Fenno F. Heath III aka Terry Heath is a Senior Software Engineer at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Terry started his work at the Center in 1990 in the Manufacturing Research area. Terry developed discrete event simulator technology related to supply chains, component placement applications, conferencing and collaboration applications, and Factory Operations quality applications for electronics and manufacturing.

Terry changed focus from manufacturing to Business Process Management (BPM), and has been central in the initiation and continued growth of the business entities paradigm – now known as “Business Entity Lifecycle Analysis (BELA)”. Terry put into practice, delivered and lead several realizations of BELA engagements for external customers and IBM Internal organizations. Terry continued to evolve entity-centric process models,execution engines, modeling tools, and applications as the lead architect and senior software engineer for the forward-looking branch of the BELA Research team.

Terry's has recently worked in the area of Front Office Innovation, specializing in conceptualizing and building marketing research architectures and assets that will enhance and complement IBM EMM products. A primary focus for Terry now is on consumer and marketing transparency and openness of profile information and the generation of contextual rationale extracted from marketing campaigns, analytic engines, and profile attribute rationale and provenance extraction.

Terry has worked on various Social Analytics solutions and a tool called Alexandria that allows for the design of an extraction project that uses various analytics to detect and annotate tweets with various extractor markings.    The extracted tweets can then be visualized in D3 in an exploration visualations to find interesting insights.

Terry is currently working on City Analytics projects as well as Blockchain solutions.