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Lead Scientist - Watson Genomics
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  American Association for Cancer Research


Taka Koyama joined IBM Research at Yorktown in 2014. He had been at IBM Research Tokyo since 2009. Before joining IBM, he worked at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company as a computational chemist and a bioinformatician. He was engaged in 10 research projects in Takeda analyzing high throughput screening data and optimizing leads in both structure based and ligand based contexts. Two compounds entered phase I clinical trial.

Taka received BS in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994 and Ph. D. in physics from Cornell University in 1999. After inspired by Human Genome Project, he became a postdoctoral fellow at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 2001 where he conducted a research on protein flexibility.

Alarmed by $1000 genome, Taka proposed Genomic Medicine Initiative at IBM in 2012.  In the next year, he lead 2014 Global Techology Outlook topic 'Biospace Revolution'. That made him to move to Yorktown to lead Watson Genomic Analytics project and collaboration with New York Genome Center in Glioblastoma trial. Watson Genomic Analytics became a Watson Health offering Watson for Genomics in 2016 and it has been used over 20 cancer institutions and hospitals in US, Japan, and Canada.

In cancer area, Taka is analyzing non-coding mutations, splicing, non-coding RNAs, epigenomics, structural variants, and transposons. He believes that liquid biopsy based resonse monitoring combined with immunotherapy would revolutionize cancer treatments.

Aside from cancer area, Taka is interested in stem cells, aging and age induced chronic disorders. He leverages his cancer genomics skills to analyze disease susceptability and epigenomic stability of induced pluripotent stem cells. He has a strong interest in reprogramming diseased cells.